Zombies are undead Mobs, and the First to make an Appearence in Zombiecraft, and have appeared in all maps. They can reach the player through Barriers.

ZC InfomationEdit

2011-06-29 11.24.20

Zombie coming at you in Groozer's Last Resort

The zombies are the original monsters of the game. They were released in the first version of ZombieCraft and are still our loyal enemies. The zombies can break windows by punching them a few times, but the user can prevent this by repairing the windows with the 'e' button. In Zombiecraft 1.x-2.x, the zombies are following waypoints so they are always on a 'track' untill you get near them, at that point they start to follow you, unless you shoot a chicken with the Chicken Gun. In Zombiecraft 3, they have their own pathfinding system.

Zombies are the most common monsters in the game, they will spawn in every single round. When you've reached a very high round the chance is there that ZombieCraft will crash due to the amount of zombies that are currently on the map. For everytime you kill a zombie, you will earn 100 points (Zombiecraft 2.x in Zombiecraft 3:20). These are vital to surviving Zombiecraft.

Fun factsEdit

  • Zombies have the tendency to sometimes ignore the player, untill the player comes in contact with them.
  • Zombies Can Sometimes fall off Certain Maps (e.g Nacht Der Untoten ) this can be fixed with a patch.

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