Unbreakable is Mixmaster1190's second released map. It was first released on Modzilla forums on an unkown date, then moved to the Minecraft forums on December 14, 2011. It started with version 0.1, and is now at 0.4. This map is Mixmaster1190's smallest map, with only one room. Like Mixmaster1190's other levels, you have to break the redstone torch to start.


You can download the map using the following link (0.4):


Unlike most zombiecraft maps, this one has no power, no traps, and no places to buy weapons. You start with a bow, a sword, a pistol, and plenty of ammo for all kinds of weapons. The only way to get weapons is to fight for them. Every five minutes, items drop from all four sides of the map, sometimes ammo, sometimes guns. Zombies also come from there.


Taken from Minecraft Forums:

Carnival Game said:

Step right up! Lets see if you got what it takes to play this game! All you have to do is fight your way threw some man-eating zombies in this little room. You get a full pack of supplies when you start, and don't worry about ammo! It drops from the roof every five minutes, that is, if you can even survival that long! And I'll tell you what, I like you kid, so I'll let you go free this time... So what are you waiting for! Get in there!

Basically, this map is a carnival game. You start out with ammo for everything. More ammo and guns drop from the roof every three minutes. Good luck!

Main AreaEdit

There is only one area in this map. This is where everything happens, and where the redstone torch is located.

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