Traps are mainly used in Zombiecraft 2.x to kill multiple zombies in a "train" using electicity, and are activated by spending points. Traps were originally in the zombies mode of Call of Duty titles such as "World at War", "Black Ops" and "Black Ops 2". They included fire traps, and electricity traps, and others. There are currently traps in paid and free maps, such as Observation Deck, Verruckt, and Halls of Survival. Traps are avaliable after the power is turned on, and deals unlimited damage to zombies. However, the trap has a limited duration. This is useful when trying to kill off hoards of zombies in sticky situations.

Placeable Barricades (Zombiecraft 3)Edit

They can be purchased and placed in the map,

2012-11-13 12.18.44

The first appearance of placeable barricades.

they are 1 block wide and 2 blocks tall. Unlike regular barricades, you cannot repair these. Zombies will attempt to either break through them or avoid them altogether (if possible). 40% of all zombies will attempt to break through placeable barricades even though there may be an available detour. The placed barricades require more time to break than the regular barricades (subject to change).

External LinksEdit

First information about placeable barricades given to the public.

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