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A firing Sniper Rifle.

The Sniper Rifle is the only weapon in the history of Zombiecraft to have a useable scope. Introduced in Zombiecraft 3, it is one of the leading weapons for damage, both headshot and body shot. A downfall of this weapon is it's firing rate.

Unique AbilitiesEdit

The Sniper Rifle has two noteworthy abilities that make it different from other weapons:


2013-03-27 18.56.13

A zoomed-in Sniper Rifle. GUI is gray and slightly transparent. Things appear closer.

This, being the most known ability, is what makes this rifle a sniper rifle. Using a customizeable keyboard key, the sniper rifle can "zoom in" making far objects seem closer. Pressing the button once will make everything seem about one block closer. Pressing it again will make it seem one more block closer. Pressing it a third time will stop the zoom. When zoomed in, all GUI slots and the crosshair will turn gray and slightly transparent.


2013-03-27 18.54.04

A Pierce before...

2013-03-27 18.54.24

...A pierce after.

A shot from a sniper rifle can travel through multiple bodies. This plus it's high damage makes the sniper rifle very dangerous. One bullet can travel through a total of 10 enemies, if properly aimed. A good way to aim when planning a long pierce is to aim at the enemy last in line, then line up the other enemies in order well enough for them all to be under your crosshair. 


Damage: 30

Spread: 0

Recoil: 8

Cost: 250

Firing Speed: ~1 shot per second.


  • The Sniper Rifle is the only weapon in Zombiecraft history that has a useable scope and that can pierce enemies.
  • A sniper rifle was a popular suggestion before Zombiecraft 3 but never quite made it to Zombiecraft 2.x or 1.x.

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