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A firing shotgun.

The shotgun is a spread weapon in Zombiecraft 3. If fires multiple bullets at one time in a cone fashion. It's bound to be a good weapon if you're close enough to the enemy. Thanks to spread and Zombiecraft 3's headshots, the shotgun is an extremely deadly weapon.


Damage: 3 (12 bullets total. If all bullets hit one enemy, 36 damage is dealt to that enemy.)

Spread: 14

Recoil: 8


Firing Speed:~1 shot per second


  • The shotgun is the only weapon that shoots multiple bullets at once in all of Zombiecraft history, excluding the Trenchgun.
  • The reload time of the shotgun depends on how many bullets you have. Here is the equation: 20 * (<Number of bullets> / 2)

Known BugsEdit

  • Repeatedly pressing the shoot button will result in delayed recoil and sound.