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The RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) is the Panzerfaust of Zombiecraft 3. Like any RPG, the bullet (called the "Missle" in the game code) explodes on impact. Unlike the Panzerfaust, impact is almost instant, which makes the RPG even more deadly than the Panzerfaust to both enemies and friends. Make sure to keep yourself and any others you aren't planning on blowing up at a distance.

Unique AttributesEdit

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RPG Explosion.

Just like any RPG, it shoots Rocket Propelled Grenades. These explode on impact with anything and explode with the size of a Minecraft TNT explosion. This is very deadly, and if aimed improperly can cause a huge amount of damage to you, other people on multiplayer, and comrades as well as enemies. Make sure to keep all entities you plan on keeping safe at a distance (including yourself unless you plan on getting killed).


Damage: 100

Spread: 1

Recoil: 2

Cost: 500

Firing Speed: ~1 per two seconds.

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