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Two PurchaseBlocks. One offering a Sword, the other an M1911.

The PurchaseBlock is a block used in Zombiecraft 3 to buy items. It has the same model as a pressure plate, but the texture of a mob spawner.

How It WorksEdit

To activate the PurchaseBlock, stand on it. A message will pop up reading "Press <ZC_Use> to purchase ITEM for AMOUNT points." ZC_Use is your use key (default "E" can be changed in controls), ITEM is the item on sale. The item on sale always floats above the PurchaseBlock. AMOUNT is a number, it shows the cost of the item. Pressing ZC_Use will subtract AMOUNT from your points and give you ITEM.

Creating ItEdit

The PurchaseBlock needs the same requirements as a regular Minecraft pressure plate. They can only be placed on opaque and fence blocks. Once placed, right click the PurchaseBlock (not the floating item) to change what the is on sale or change to Cycle mode. In Cycle mode, the PurchaseBlock will automatically cycle through each item. This is used as a temporary replacement for the Mystery Box.

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