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Overcome is Mixmaster1190's fourth map and first to be released on Minecraft Forums, instead of Modzilla site and then Minecraft Forum. The map was in development for about 5 months, and was released March 2012. The map is meant to be a maze-like level, but not too confusing so the zombies can navigate with ease. The map was released here:


THESE ARE NOT UPDATED. Go here You can use this link to download the map (1.1):

Or download the old version here(1.0):


From the Minecraft Forums:

Fight your way threw the never-ending hedge maze. You don't know how you got in there, and you don't know how to get out, but you do know there are dead people trying to eat you. Good luck.


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This you have to figure out on your own. Good luck! P.S. If you get really stuck, use the picture to the right ;)

Secrets/Hidden ItemsEdit

Diamond SwordEdit

To get the strongest sword known to Minecraft, you must find and activate all the switches in the map, then go to the last room to the bottom right of the map.