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Just bought a mini-uzi

If you are looking for the Zombiecraft 3 counterpart, see Uzi .


The Mini-Uzi has the highest recoil and fire rate in the game. However, the weapon lacks the damage to be of significant use. Compared to its SMG counterpart, the MP40, the Mini-Uzi is more expensive by 250 points, but the MP40 pulls double the damage for the same ammo count. Some drawbacks of the gun are, as mentioned, the recoil. The extremity of the recoil hinders accuracy, as after firing for a while jerks the crosshairs over the zombie's heads, missing them completely.


Damage: 1

Ammo Type: MP40 - 40 per clip

Firing Rate: Very Fast

Fun FactsEdit

  • The mini-uzi can be used to buy MP40 ammo cheaper.
  • Kwek20 Stated "When shooting your Mini-Uzi, the 7th till the 4th bar is bugged. One shot removes 2 bullets from it."
  • Despite Being called a Mini-Uzi, It resembles a MAC-10

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