This is Mixmaster1190's third map. It was released on the Modzilla site and moved to the Minecraft Forum on December 14, 2011. It was made to be a practice map to see if it ended up well. It is unkown if this map was successful or not. Like Mixmaster1190's other maps, you can break the redstone torch to start. It can be found here aswell:


You can download the map here:


Because this was a practice map, there is no story. Although there is a description (Taken from the Minecraft forums):

Exploring the underground with all the miners who lost their path. Kill 'em and steal the loot!



This is a small area where you spawn. In here there is the redstone torch, one debris, two zombie spawners, M1 Garand, and Kar98k.


This is the second area you encounter. It contains the Mini Uzi, Sword, Speed Cola, two zombie spawners, and two debris.

Mystery RoomEdit

The entrance room has two ways to go. This is if you take the left route. This is a small hallway with a dead end. At the then there is a Mystery Box. In this room, there is also the power switch, Support Soda, Bouncing Betties, and a zombie spawner.


This is where you end up if you take the right side in the Entrance. This room only contains two debris. It's purpose is to bring some leg room. All those hallways were pretty slim!

Dead EndEdit

If you take the left path from Fork, you get to this second dead end. At the end of this one, however, you reach Juggernog. This room also has the flamethrower, Trenchgun, and two zombie spawners.


Taking a right in Fork will bring you here. This is a hallway to the rest of the level. It has the Mace, MP40, Exstatic, and two zombie spawners.

The UndergroundEdit

The last area in this map. It is the biggest of all. It holds the Iron Sword, AR-35, Panzerfaust, power switch, Charge, and five zombie spawners.

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