Hellsheep (Zombiecraft 2.x)Edit


Hellsheep found in Groozer's Last Resort

Hellsheeps are monsters that spawn every 6 rounds. They spawn together with zombies and are very effective when they are near you. Their explosions cause you to get damaged, the amount of damage depends on the distance between you and the sheep.

The hellsheep uses the model of a sheep with different textures and the settings of a creeper. If these sheep explode, or are killed, you will earn 100 points if you are on normal difficulty .

They are like sheeps and creepers merged

Fun FactsEdit

  • Hellsheep don't break windows as fast as regular zombies.
  • Hellsheep are the Zombiecraft Equivalent of Call of Duty Zombies' Hellhounds .

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