Gigimoi's semi-secret mapEdit

Ehh not really No description 4 U.

I've put at least 24 hours into this not including editting the texture pack and MCEdit work, and staring at the screen trying to figure shizzle out. According to the storyline, unvieled by the easter egg, this can only be a single player map. Texture pack is Applelinky's "Rainforests and Ruins" texture pack zombiecraftified. Find the origanal here .

Mods required:

thumb|500px|left|Uncommentated and outdated, W00T


    Inheritance can mean so many different things in so many different ways.
You could inherit a grudge from your father against his bastard boss, or you
could get a peice of jewelry from your great aunt. Sometimes, inheritance
means much more after it's inherited. Your Father recently died, he left you
his house, a house in southern Brazil, You had been raised in brooklyn, an 
owned house, it made little sense for you to inherit a house in Brazil, but
you did nonetheless. Your father had lived in brooklyn all his life, so why
did you recieve a brazilian house? Disregarding the reasons, oblivious to 
any hint of malice, you decided you'd love to live in brazil, so you pack up
your everything and hop on a plane to it. Taking a short cab ride through a
jungle on an unpaved, unmarked, yet foreseeable road, you arrive at the
house. You take account of it's many features, the main living area seems to
be a loft inside a laboratory, you set down what you brought with you there
and continue to explore what yo now realise is a complex of buildings. You 
see several huts in ruins, but one seems to have a well maintained trophy in
it, diamond armor. You leave the armor there, realising you would never need
to work again if you kept it in that condition. You exit the cabin and take
a cobblestone path to an underwater glass hallway. You glimpse signs of 
squid, but nothing more. continuing down the hall, you resurface into a 
furnace room. the floor seems to be missing, but you see a button on the
other side that you assume would fill in the floor. You notice a ladder to
your side and climb it. You are now on the roof of what you realise is a.the
roof seems to be somewhat fenced in to form a linear path. following it, you
are now on the other side of the pit. You push the button and the floor
closes. you see no need to walk back across it, so you turn to see a rope
connecting a peice of the laboratory and the furnace room.It would appear
that this is some sort of zipline from the laboratory to the furnace room
for easy access. You take a mental note and begin to climb up it, knowing
that if you fell, you'd fall into water. You head back to the lab and see
out of the corner of your eye, a quaint little hut. peering inside, you see
 that the room has a chest in it and is being used for storage. You head
inside and decide to look inside the chest. Raw pork and eggs, but at the
deepest part of the chest, you notice something different. Egg shaped ,but
glowing. You grab the object to inspect it further, there was a small valve
on the lower right hemispheres of the egg. Out of curiousity, you turn it. 
A gas releases and you faint instantly. Some of your feelings were still
active however. A gut wrenching fear, but nothing else. Solid fear. And you
know that you were alone...

                            Alone... Alone...

You're never really alone, are you?

Some feeling began to emerge, you knew you were falling, fast. and it was 
hot as hell. Your eyesight returned, you wish it hadn't, Blood soaked into 
your eyes while your face and body were pressed against the floor. Your 
hearing returned, you hear moaning and stand up, realising you had stopped.
You stand up and grab the pistol that you brought on your belt.


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