Debris to the upstairs room in Nacht der Untoten.


In Zombiecraft, debris is used to stop the player from traversing throughout the map. Debris is placed in front of vital walkways, stairs, and important things to halt the player and force them to earn enough points before continuing. It can be bought out for 1000 points (Zombiecraft 2.x In Zombiecraft 3: 500) to free the walkway. This does two things:

  1. Allow the player movent to another area, therefore expanding the map.
  2. Allow Zombies to also follow the player into the new room or area, and spawn inside the new unlocked room.

Pressing the E button can clear the debris for an expense. Somtimes, players can utilize these barriers to direct a route for the zombies to follow them, strategically manipulating the entities.

Buy Debris

Trying to buy out the debris will result in a message asking for 1000 points. Well, I have 990, Darn.

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